brb = be right back

thx = thanks

u = you

cu = see you

2 = too

b4 = before

tmr = tomorrow

msg = message

ttyl = talk to you later

bb= bye bye

ETA = estimated time of arrival

ETD = estimated time of departure

RRP = recommended retail price

ASAP = as soon as possible

RSVP = please reply (usually use in invitations)



CP : sleepy

CUL8R : see you later

DHYB : don’t hold your breath

EM? : excuse me?

E=MC2 : genius!

E=MC1 : almost geniius, but not quite

GTG(G2G) : got to go

GBH : great big hug

GFE2E : grinning from ear to ear

GATA : great mind think alike

HLU : he likes you

HLH : he likes himself

IMUP : I messed up

IYKWIM : if you know what I mean

JAS : just a second

JK : just kidding

JK (bnr) : just kidding ( but not really)

KMP : keep me posted

OIC : oh I see

P911 :parent alert

QT : cute

RME : rolling my eyes

ROFL : rolling on floor laughing

ROFLOIHM : rolling on floor laughing ( Ouch I hurt myself)

THMB :that hurts my brain




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